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My name is Lilene French, and I am the CEO & Founder of  Reflections of a Queen, LLC. I am a professional certified life coach and my credential is legally recognized nationally. 

During my tribulation(s) I learned to face my challenges head on with fearlessness. I developed a growth mindset, and I began to see my obstacles as opportunities for personal growth. It was then that I found that my mind was my super power, and that my circumstances didn’t define me, and that I was capable of creating the reality I really wanted to see from myself.


I have always had such a passion for women, and girl empowerment, which is why I created the platform of Reflections of a Queen, LLC ; to serve as a tool toward the advancement of women, and adolescent girls, all over the world.

Since becoming an professional certified (Personal Development & Career) life coach, I now educate women on the importance of living a life of purpose, and positive self-discovery. I am the author of DRIVEN, which is a personal development self-help book. I’ve been featured in magazines, talk shows, podcasts, and I service everyday women with my coaching services, books, workshops, and monthly conference calls. It is truly an honor to assist other women in discovering their God given light, and purpose. 


Kind Regards, 

CEO & Founder of Reflections of a Queen, LLC

Professional Certified Life Coach

Motivational Speaker 

Published Author 

NAACP Member 




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About Lilene French

Lilene French is the Founder & CEO of Reflections of a Queen, LLC. Lilene is a professional certified life coach with an extensive amount of experience working with women. Lilene works in the education sector where she serves as a college coordinator. 

About Reflections of a Queen 

Reflections of a Queen, LLC is a Personal Development & Career coaching service designed to Empower, Educate, and Equip women of the importance of personal development, leadership, and professional growth.


Reflections of a Queen's mission is to provide women with strategic techniques & tools that further develop their strengths, and challenges limiting beliefs systems.