Self-Care Tune-up

Women spend much of their lives nurturing others.  We often find ourselves focusing more on others than ourselves, we become worn out, and unmotivated. 


This Self-Care Tool Kit helps to identiy your own needs and helps you to start taking steps to meet your needs. This workshop is filled with activieties that will help you to get better in tune with yourself, in a demanding world. 

Studies Show That Self-Care Helps To:


  • Reduces the negative effects of stress 

  • Boost your overall happiness 

  • Self-care helps you to center on you

  • It increases your sense of self-love, allowing you to appreciate and accept yourself for who you are

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About Lilene French

Lilene French is the Founder & CEO of Reflections of a Queen, LLC. Lilene is a professional certified life coach with an extensive amount of experience working with women. Lilene works in the education sector where she serves as a college coordinator. 

About Reflections of a Queen 

Reflections of a Queen, LLC is a Personal Development & Career coaching service designed to Empower, Educate, and Equip women of the importance of personal development, leadership, and professional growth.


Reflections of a Queen's mission is to provide women with strategic techniques & tools that further develop their strengths, and challenges limiting beliefs systems.