Reflection of A Queen, LLC is an international life coaching program that is designed to Empower, Educate, and Equip women of the importance of living a life of purpose & positive self-discovery. Reflections of A Queen, LLC  coaching services has helped thousands of women all over the world develop their personal development skills, while educating them on techniques that are created to help them to combat limiting beliefs and/or self-sabotaging ideas.


If you are ready to become an "Expert on the Subject of You" Reflections of a Queen, LLC coaching services are designed to aid you in gaining the ability to regulate your emotions and thought processes, so that you are more inclined to make choices that are congruent   to the reality that you want to create for yourself.


Reflections of a Queen, LLC  life coaching program can assist in making healthy assessments about your current paradigm, and pathologies. You will learn how to create a "Life Transformation Plan " which is a blue-print of actionable steps that can assist you in achieving life changing results. 


Coaching Services Range Anywhere From


  • Confronting/ Tackling Limiting Beliefs

  • Having Trouble Following Through With Your Goals

  • Unable To Define A Clear vision Into Your Life Purpose

  • Emotional Intelligence & Networking 

  • Creating Health Boundaries Personally and Professionally 

  • Personal Assessment of current skills

  • And much more



According to the International coaching federation: 

  • 80% of people who work with a coach experience improved self-confidence and work/life balance. 

  • 86% of people who work with a coach make their investment back if not more.

  • 96% of people who work with a coach would do so again. 





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About Lilene French

Lilene French is the Founder & CEO of Reflections of a Queen, LLC. Lilene is a professional certified life coach with an extensive amount of experience working with women. Lilene works in the education sector where she serves as a college coordinator. 

About Reflections of a Queen 

Reflections of a Queen, LLC is a Personal Development & Career coaching service designed to Empower, Educate, and Equip women of the importance of personal development, leadership, and professional growth.


Reflections of a Queen's mission is to provide women with strategic techniques & tools that further develop their strengths, and challenges limiting beliefs systems.