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" I Had a chance to experience a webinar/workshop for Girls Night In & it was exactly what I needed! I’ve always wanted to work with a life coach but I’m always on the go so doing a session online although within a group was still a phenomenal experience! Lilene makes everyone feel so comfortable and free to express themselves! Loved how open & transparent everyone was, making it a safe space to share with one another! Looking forward to the next Girls Night In event ! 💕" 



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Lilene's coaching style is supportive and intuitive. She possesses an extremely warm and empathetic nature. Lilene often probed into my explanations which pushed me to look further and deeper, beyond the surface into the realm of deeper awareness. I learned to reassess my conclusions about my motivations and fears. She also helped me realize my greatness and strengths by challenging me to give credit where credit is due, to myself. She is uplifting and inspiring. I felt as though I was talking with my best friend, free of judgment and opinions. Lilene is my long-lost mentor that is full of advice, development exercises and tools to propel me forward in my current and future endeavors. I have finally broken down mental barriers and have made a forward progression towards achieving my goals and stepping into my authentic self. Lilene, you are AMAZING!

Susie Lavaire

Reflections of a Queen LLC is an experience I wish every woman would try. Lilene truly makes you feel important and like you are being heard. I am doing things in my life that I never thought that I could accomplish and I’m truly grateful to have someone like Lilene in my corner rooting for me. She was more than just a coach, but truly a great friend to hold you accountable for your dreams. You are supported in multiple areas of your life, whatever you want to work on. This whole experience was completely about me and what I wanted for myself. Now I feel like I have the courage to be accountable to myself for my new goals in the future. 

Caroline Narretto 

I approached Reflections of a Queen because I was having some issues with personal relationships in my life. Lilene French helped me by being available to talk and listen without judgement. I found that Lilene was not only easy to talk to but she paid close attention to everything I communicated with her. I not only received great advice about my situation but Lilene was also there to hold me accountable for the changes I agreed to make. The result of working with Lilene led to a much healthier relationship and I now have a better understanding of my significant other and our future looks brighter than ever. I am comfortable moving forward with our relationship and raising our children in a happy home. I found the experience to be very rewarding and dignifying. I would 100% recommend the services of Reflections of a Queen and Lilene French to any woman or young girl looking for guidance, an accountability partner, or a spiritual partner.

Jamie Odom